SPLIT Miniseries
SPLIT Miniseries 12 Festival Laurels
The award-winning series about two possible paths that one life might take.​​​​​​​
An early decision in a young girl’s life creates a split in her world, sending her off on two parallel paths into alternate futures.
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Winner of “Best Episode” at Chicago’s Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival, the series also garnered 10 Award Nominations, including “Best Series,” “Best Director” and “Best Lead Actress”.
Main Credits
Created & Written by Yael Shavitt
Directed by Molly McGaughey
Executive Producers: Hannah Hancock Rubinsky & Yael Shavitt
Director of Photography: Samantha Pyra
Edited by Yael Shavitt
Production Design: Chantal Demorial, Almudena Caminero
Series Music: Guy Shavitt
Featuring Songs by Hillary Capps
Yael Shavitt
Kristin Parker
Cory Censoprano
Lori Hammel
J.R. Yussuf
Gabrielle Pegg
Jessica DiGiovanni
E. James Ford
Vasthy Mompoint
Torin Thomas
Jeanine Bartel
Kathryn Kates
Associate Producers: Julie Congress, Daniel Knight, Duane VanderWerf, Susanna Willingham
Assistant Directors: Samantha Slater, Allison Egdahl
Production Sound Mixers: Eliot Lukacs, Kieran Altmann
Hair & Make-up: Samantha Granados
Script Supervisors: Min Ding, Lashawn Garnes
Gaffers: Li George, Clemence Therin
Lighting Assistants: Savannah Bayse, Li George, Charli Morachnick, Danielle Rogers
Production Assistants: Savannah Bayse, Christina Behnke, Naomi Calhoun, Joey Cano, Hsiao Hsuan Liu, Charli Morachnick, Danielle Rogers, Noriko Sakamoto
Post Sound Design & Mix: Guy Shavitt
Colorist: Lexi Phillips
Title Sequence Illustrator: Kristen Rosa
Still Photographer: Chuyao He
SPLIT Logo Design: Amit Reshef
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